exhibition 1 JUN – 26 JUN

For the exhibition ‘Moments’ Amsterdam based artist Annemarie Vink painted ‘borrowed moments’, captured by you – the public – on camera. The stills depict situations from daily life, small details that have caught the artist’s eye. Like a pile of clothing, flowers on a dashboard or a little collar with shiny buttons. Each tell their own story, personal to the photographer but one we all recognise.

Vink blows up the images and zooms in. Inspired by materials, texture, light and colour she re-lives the moment of taking the photo through oil-paint on paper or card board. Some works are made quickly on cardboard, trying to catch the moment in the painter’s movements, while some are more detailed: studies focussing on materials and light. The paintings are accompanied by text, again borrowed from those who took the stills. The paintings were all made during her residency at Peer in April.